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Tune your property with this Ancient and Proven Science.

Vastu Home Architectural Science is Your road to Eternal Happiness, Prosperity, Growth, and good Health in your Home and Business. It is also known as Sthapathya Shastra and Vedic Architecture.

Vastu based floor plan for your Home and office is nature's best sensor, messenger, harmonizer, energizer, and magnetize for you.

Nature is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient. It is up to us to use Nature's forces to the best of our advantage. Your materials, your architect, your expensive fabrics, your color combination, and your famous designer won't guarantee happiness, but Vastu based design will drive you towards that direction. Vastu architectural science is a Total Tune up system for you and your home or of Western architectural exposure of White House.

This or even a more authentic and scientific understanding can be used through Indian Vastu Shastra. As per Vaastu, green and yellow colors are good office colors for wealth. Have at least one window in North of your office open to let in light and Prana.

After Yoga Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology, America is ready to take advantage of Vaastu Shastra from nationally known Vedic Astrologer, Niranjan (Nick) Mehta. It is the most authentic and proven architecture science. The premise is simple - nature consists of five basic elements - energy of planets, air, water, fire, and earth. Each carries its own unique set of dynamics and with Vastu's architecture science we can synchronize our home and business. It will create a tremendous impact over all facets of your life: health, marriage, life education, thinking, prosperity, and peace of mind. Vastu not only puts you behind the wheel it actually paves the road for you.

The following are some aspects which you should check before you buy land ::

You cannot build a good house on a bad site ::

The most important elements of your site architecture are its size, shape, location, and orientation. The following elements are considered:
  1. Water elements in the soil.
  2. Texture of the soil.
  3. Color of the land.
  4. Taste and smell of the land.
  5. Water retention ability of the soil.
  6. Local weather.
  7. Topography of the land.
Overall, this property's Vastu is very good. Yet, there were a few problems with the location of the laundry room. By rectifying the location of the laundry room, they noticed positive results

Why is Vaastu important?

I encourage you to understand that if your home/business is not properly Vaastu synchronized, then your health and material wealth will slowly decrease in quality. Nature is not going to come and tell you personally to fix your place according to Vaastu. In the same manner, suppose if you eat junk food all the time. You can live, however, your body cells will start burning fast and will wear out fast. Your personal life and health is good signal of Vaastu.

Industrial or Commercial building

  • The main plot should be on east and north road. If that is not possible, then leave more space in order to create within the property.
  • Heavy machinery and large height should be situates in the southwest.
  • Every department has to have a different location. Software marketing should be on the east or north side.
  • Accounting should be on the southwest.
  • Telemarketing should also be in the east. The kitchen and generator should be on the southeast.
  • The Boardroom should be on the east side with the CEO sitting facing north. There are many other areas that require a designated placement. This can be only achieved after studying each industry and its activities.

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